William & Victoria Marry at Agave Road Just Before Halloween

Agave Road
Houston Wedding Photographer
Halloween Wedding


William and Victoria’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” Wedding

William  and Victoria met in a Chemistry class in 2011. Little did they know that they would spark off their own unique chemical reaction, one that is filled with romance and laughter! William chose the perfect moment to ask Victoria to marry him, New Year’s Eve. It had been five years since the couple first got together and it seemed the perfect time for them to walk the aisle and seal the deal forever…

Agave Road was the chosen venue for William and Victoria’s beautiful wedding. The venue host also took care of all the other important details including catering, DJ and florist services.

The couple recalls their wedding day as an enjoyable and fun experience, especially the part where they got to cut their special wedding cake from the cake maker ‘Smallcakes’.

The couple’s wedding planner, Jessica, made sure that everything went well at the wedding. Victoria got her beautiful bridal dress from a boutique called ‘Impressions’. She says that it was on sale and reminded her of a dress she saw on “Say Yes to the Dress”.

William and Victoria were extremely happy with their wedding pictures and said that everything was done in time and just how they wanted. As a tip to all other couples, they say that it is good to do plenty of research when looking for a wedding photographer. A lot of professionals offer similar services and packages, so it takes a while to select someone who understands your requirements and can work with you.

And how do you prepare yourself for the actual clicking session? To this William says, “Stretch…this will make it easier to get clicked in certain positions. Lol”!

A lot of couples struggle to get their friends and relatives ready for the pictures. But William and Victoria didn’t have any problems because most of their loved ones knew what to expect. They were all experienced! Still, they suggest it’s best to let them know that they would need to get done with the group pictures before they head off to eat and party. Also, a good way to make your wedding pictures more fun is to include props, invites, save-the-date cards, and of course, some antics 😉

While tradition says that the bride and groom aren’t supposed to see each other before the wedding, William and Victoria didn’t really need to follow this. Why? Well, because this wasn’t really their ‘actual’ wedding. The couple was married in the church a year earlier, hence they could see each other before the wedding. They could easily take pictures prior to the ceremony and head out to enjoy the reception party immediately after taking their vows.

The couple says that since the theme of the wedding was “Nightmare before Christmas”, they could find a lot of interesting things at ‘Spirit Halloween’ and ‘Hot Topic’.

Wedding Album


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Amber Says ‘Yes’ to Errol in a Helicopter!

Engagement Photographer
Heritage Park in League City, Texas
Wedding Photography in Houston

Amber and Errol got engaged on February 11th, 2017. They will tie the knot just a few months from now, on July 7th.

Although the couple attended the same college, they hardly ever interacted with each other. It was years after their graduation that they reunified at a sports bar. Errol used a mutual acquaintance of his wingman to go over and speak to Amber. He complimented her eyes saying that they were beautiful and asked if he could take her out sometime. And guess what Amber said? “Maybe next time”!

Errol took her answer very politely and backed off. But fate had a different plan for the two. They were reconnected several months later in downtown Houston at a place called the ‘Mosaic Lounge’. The couple kept exchanging glances across the room and just when Amber was about to leave, Errol’s friend grabbed her arm and asked her to dance. Errol jumped in to disconnect Amber’s hand from his friend’s so that he could dance with her instead. Amber told that friend that she would prefer to dance with Errol. That was all it took for Errol to try and charm his lady love again. He said, “I would love to take you out sometime”. Back came Amber’s reply, “I think I would love to take you up on that”.

They both laughed in that moment and Errol made Amber recall his comment when they had met earlier. He had said that there would be a ‘next time’. And that’s exactly what happened! Amber gave her number to Errol and the rest is all history.

The proposal came after the night Amber and Errol attended a wedding and Amber had ‘coincidentally’ caught the bride’s bouquet. After staying the night at the hotel, Errol told Amber that he was going to take the day off when they got up in the morning. He wanted to have a ‘date day’ and take her out for a ride. Amber was completely unaware that she had been set up and was clueless about the ‘ride’ that Errol had in mind. He actually planned to take her on a helicopter ride! Once the couple got off the helicopter, Errol took hold off Amber’s hand and popped the question. He asked her if she would marry him and “ride” with him for life. Amber was shocked but she knew the answer was a ‘YES’!

Amber and Errol are super excited about their upcoming wedding. The two were dressed in navy and pink for their engagement photo session since those are the theme colors for their wedding. They believe in having fun and a casual attitude when it comes to getting couple pictures clicked. Amber said that they really enjoyed shooting with John, especially because he made them feel extremely comfortable and has excellent navigational skills behind the camera.

Amber recalls that the only thing which interfered with the photo session was the wind! It kept blowing her hair away….lol. But overall, it was a very memorable experience!

Couple has engagement session at Heritage Park in League City, TX.

Love is in the Air!

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Crystal and Kenneth | Engagement Photographer | Houston, Texas

Engagement Session at Heritage Park in League City, Texas
Houston Wedding Photographer


The story of Crystal and Kenneth

As photographers, weddings are among the most special occasions that we cover. Here is the story of Crystal and Kenneth who shared their engagement photo-shoot with us recently. The engagement shoot happened on the 21st of November this year.

The story unfolds, as recited by Crystal in an idyllic setting- the gym at Deer Park. Crystal wore gear from her alma mater, Syracuse University at the gym so Kenneth was under the impression that she was an athlete in training. One day they ended up side by side on a treadmill and got to talking. He asked her if she was preparing for something and she said she loves to eat, but works out to stay in shape. As fate would have it Kenneth is a chef who loves to eat and works out to stay in shape. Kenneth says he knew right away that there was a certain spark between them. The conversation then led to them going on, finding common ground and then on to them falling for each other.


The proposal

Kenneth had planned a perfect proposal in Hermann Park when out on a stroll a week after Christmas. He even informed the families in advance and had their wishes as well. The rains came down and it seemed like it was just not going to be possible, so Kenneth popped the question a day after Christmas on the couch when they were being all morbid and talking about the futility of life in their pajamas! He went down on one knee right there and said, ‘I wouldn’t have my life any other way, or change a thing, because I have you.’ It was genuine, intimate, and damn near perfect.

Crystal had no make up on, was in her most comfortable clothes, talking about random things with a glass of wine in her hand, and was completely taken by surprise, a good one. Kenneth’s plans were ruined by rains, but when he spoke to his mother, she apparently told him that when the time was right, he would know.


The wedding!

The wedding is set to happen on the 13th of October with the reception at the Bell Tower on the 34th. Crystal, by her own admission is not a great planner of things, so she’ll have to work extra hard and is not as fun as it seems, being oftentimes overwhelming. It will be worth it, she says, when after it all she gets to call Kenneth her husband. She says that she is most excited about being able to share her love with all those who care about her first. Also to see the look on Kenneth’s face as she walks down the aisle, of course!

The one thing that Crystal would like to give as advice to all couple who want to get an engagement shoot done is to consider the height differences between the couple as she is over a foot shorter than Kenneth and to plan the clothes and set up accordingly. She also advises future couples to be prepared to step outside their comfort zone and trust the photographer to make them comfortable through it.

Couple Shows Love for Each Other

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The Joyous Celebration of Crystal and Eric at Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas

Houston Wedding Photographer
Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
Heaven on Earth

For Crystal and Eric their wedding was a perfect day that will always have a special place in their hearts. The couple have been together since 2004, when they first met at an Astros baseball game. After Eric popped the question, their wedding was set for 24 October 2015, a rainy day in Houston that culminated in the union of Crystal and Eric, celebrated by their loved ones in a stunning setting.

Prayers, serenity and breathtaking beauty

Just before the wedding, Eric and Crystal met to offer flowers and prayer to Mary to seek her intercession at the gorgeous yet serene Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. After a beautiful ceremony, guests moved on to the reception, where they were treated to a truly divine spread of sumptuous meals provided by Tamara from Heaven on Earth. The festivities and the beautiful blooms from Lush Flowers were nothing short of breathtaking. The lovely wedding cake came from Jenny’s bakery.

Just go with the flow

Understandably, pre-wedding jitters surfaced for a bit, as the bride-to-be wondered whether everyone they had invited would show up, or if Crystal might trip up while walking down the aisle. But when D day arrived, she was the picture of calm.

The couple’s ‘Go with it’ approach let them soak up every aspect of their special day and allowed them to focus on each other instead of sweating the small stuff. That said, the ceremony and the festivities all went off really well, thanks to the support of a set of carefully picked vendors and suppliers coupled with perfect planning. Wedding planner Tamara took the pressure off the bride and groom and organized things to perfection while the photographer ensured that every little detail, every smile, and every memory was captured beautifully for the couple to remember.

Celebrating love and a precious union

Crystal’s sage advice to all bridal couples, is to never forget what the wedding is really about – you and your special someone; a celebration of the union of two people.

The intimacy and closeness that the couple share is undeniable. And to Crystal, the moment that she saw Eric smiling during the ceremony will remain her most treasured memory of a most special day. A smile that was revealing of the contentment and joy of a man who was about to begin his journey with the woman he loved.

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Album

Wedding Album

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The Magical Romance of Daryineth and Victor at Brenner’s Steakhouse On the Bayou in Houston, Texas

Brenner’s Steakhouse On the Bayou
Houston Wedding Photographer

Daryineth and Victor met at work and over the years their friendship of many years blossomed into love. Their magical wedding was held at the lush green and utterly romantic setting of Brenner’s Steakhouse On the Bayou on 23rd January, 2016.

Love is in the air…a proposal of a lifetime

It had been four years since they had known each other, and their vacation to Mexico was special in many ways. Taking in the sights of the country, including the legendary Chichen Itza, things were already off to a great start.

And then, Daryineth experienced the unmatched romance of a seaside proposal, when Victor popped the question at a breathtaking beachfront restaurant during dinner on their magical vacation at Tulum. With a ring hidden in their dessert plate, a proposal had never been sweeter!

Picture perfect wedding day

The lovely couple got lucky with a beautiful sunshiny wedding day after days of wintry, rainy weather in Houston. Flowers by Nino created the perfect setting complementing the wonderful service and attention from Allison and her team at Brenner’s Steakhouse On the Bayou. The marriage was officiated by wedding pastor Rev. Ron Ramey who took time to explain the ceremony and details to the bridal couple. He even managed to accommodate their request for a bilingual ceremony, something both Daryineth and Victor appreciated.

The day was captured on film by photographer, John Nader, who was enthusiastic and took a keen interest in the couple. The dedication of the photographer meant a lot to them, and they hope to work again with him for the religious ceremony. In addition, guests were invited to download the app WedPics to view and upload any other photos and videos they had captured as guests during the event.

They credit the success of their wedding to choosing the right vendors to work with and encourage other couples to take time to meet with and choose people they can trust and feel comfortable with.

The making of the bride

With a civil ceremony in mind, bride-to-be Daryineth had decided to pick something elegant yet simple and found perfection at David’s Bridal. Her stylist Jay Ruelas began work on her hair ahead of the big day, working in highlights. On the day, her hair was styled with care and she highly recommends him for the attention he gives without being too expensive.

Her sage words of advice to anyone getting married, is to not stress out if everything doesn’t go to plan because no one really notices that. Your job is to plan all the details for the big day, but there comes a time where the rest really isn’t up to you, so let go and go with the flow. Relax and enjoy your moment in the sun.

And the magic continues…

The ceremony brought some of the dreaminess of that Mexico vacation to the occasion, which ended with their friends and family blowing bubbles into the aisle as they took their first walk as man and wife. A wonderful way to mark the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

Wedding Moments at Brenners' Steakhouse On the Bayou

Wedding Moments

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Tips for Beautiful Winter Photos

Outdoor Photo Session Tips
Family Portraits

There is a special kind of magic that comes with outdoor, winter photo sessions. Here are some tips to make your winter photo sessions go smoothly.

  1. Dress warmly. You will be surprised at how often this is overlooked. Since you’ll be standing outside for a long period of time, short sleeves, thin fabrics, and open toe shoes will not be comfortable for very long. Shivering makes it hard to look happy and pose properly.
  2. Wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin should be a priority throughout the year, not just in summer. Use a good moisturizer to protect your skin from chilly winds.
  3. Watch the weather. Warmer days may seem more pleasant but rain can change the entire look of your backdrop. Try and keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure that you don’t end up with heavy rain.
  4. Be flexible. If the weather isn’t exactly what you had hoped for, see if you can still make the photo session work. If you are however scheduling this session in advance, you may just have to work with the weather on that particular day.
  5. Incorporate color. Even though winter has some amazing colors to work with, why not wear a splash of color to really stand out in your photos? For example, vibrant shades of blues and greens look amazing amongst crunchy brown leaves.
  6. Plan your day. Taking your photos just after the sun rises or just before it sets will provide you with amazing lighting so try and plan your session around those times.

Take some hot tea or coffee along to make your photo session even more enjoyable and get ready for some beautiful results.

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Couple Ties the KNOT at The Church Triumphant!

Wedding Photographers in Houston
Wedding at The Church Triumphant

Leah and Andy

Leah and Andy had a beautiful wedding ceremony at The Church Triumphant on May 30th, 2015. The two met each other at the University of Houston in their Freshman English II class and have been together since then! This is a true college romance tale, one of our favorite kinds of love stories. Andy took Leah to a musical in Hermann Park and made her sit on a park bench outside of the Miller Outdoor Theater, before he proposed. The best part about this wedding was that the couple got married on their three-year dating anniversary.

Wedding vendors

Andy and Leah’s wedding was planned by wedding planner, Diana Medford and the lovely cake was ordered from Cakes by Cherie. Leah got her beautiful wedding dress from ‘David’s Bridal’ and the flower arrangement was done by Events and Petals. The couple’s favorite moment from the wedding was seeing everyone that came to the wedding and getting to eat the wedding cake!

Wedding photography experience

Leah recalls that she enjoyed getting clicked on her wedding day and the pictures turned out to be great. She also remembers smiling a lot! Leah also had a bridal shoot besides the engagement shoot before the wedding. The bridal shoot was done in Hermann Park in Houston and the engagement session at Heritage Park in League City. Leah says that the wedding party actually did not need any preparation for wedding shoot and it was just a lot of fun. She added that it is best to get a photographer who is confident about what they are doing.

The last time the couple saw each other was when they were leaving the rehearsal dinner. Leah says that she is glad they did not talk or see each other on the wedding day, before the ceremony, because it made it more special when she was walking down the aisle.

The couple thoroughly enjoyed their wedding experience and thought it actually went by too fast!

Wedding Photographer in Houston area, wedding album, The Church Triumphant

Wedding Album Highlights

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Beautiful Wedding at Shepard Hill Estates

Shepard Hill Estates
Houston Wedding Photographer

The Day Caroline Got Married

It was like any other day; the sky was clouded but had an angelic glow. The sun did not show brightly, so Caroline was about to go get her morning coffee when she realized what day it was. Immediately she started to panic. Today was her wedding day and like any other bride, she had butterflies flying in her stomach. The cloudy weather, wonderful breeze, or the chitter-chatter of her friends did not calm down the sentiments she was feeling inside. Caroline and Thomas have met each other at the gym at Houston’s first Baptist Church. Since then it was an extraordinary ride for both of them. After spending more than 2 years dating each other, both Caroline and Thomas decided to marry.

The Proposal

Later, while brushing her hair, Caroline looked into the mirror and pondered about the day when she was ill with strep throat. Thomas walked in with the desire to make her feel better. He went on his knees with the ring in his hand and popped the question. Oh! The wonderful feeling Caroline felt that day remains eternally spotless in her mind.

Dressed to perfection

Leaving everything behind, she embarks on a journey that promises her a prosperous future and a loving partner. To make her day even more special, Caroline chose a dress from Brickhouse Bridal. Her dress was a strapless lace that fit her bodice perfectly. The sash on the dress made it perfect for her. The wedding veil was a reasonable purchase from Etsy made precious by lace trims sewn by her mother.

The makeup artist arrived and so did the rest of the wedding party. Caroline looked beautiful from the beginning. Seeing her then, anyone can tell how her bridal glow made her look like an angel. Photos were clicked, the bridesmaids looked gorgeous, the groom was ready to go, and the father and mother of the bride were all decked up for the precious moment. Everyone rushed to Shepard Hill Estates where the ceremony was to be held. Caroline looked around to calm her nerves. To her satisfaction, the venue looked beautiful, with marvelous flower arrangements everywhere. More confident now, she was ready for the best part of her wedding – the ceremony. Holding her father’s hand, she looked into Thomas’s eye on the other side of the aisle and walked towards him. No more butterflies, no more weak nerve, Thomas was right there standing with a nervous smile.

Time to dine and dance

The dinner rehearsal night was a little hard on them as they decided not to see each other before their wedding. Notes brought by the matron and man of honor were the only solace for the lovebirds. The ceremony was over and Caroline and Thomas kissed for the first time as husband and wife. As a couple, they looked wonderfully cute and so much in love. A Thousand Years by Sawyer Fredricks played in the air, as the couple took their first dance together, followed by dance with the parents of both. It was a perfect evening that delighted the guests with toothsome food served by Spectrum Catering.

Caroline suggests ‘soon to be brides’ to not stress themselves. She believes everything works out in the end. Always stay true to what you want, you will find a wonderful dream like wedding too. She also thinks if a bride is happy, it shows in her wedding photos.

I am sure you too want such a romantic wedding for yourselves, where the photos too remind you of the perfect ceremony taken before you embarked on the journey filled with a lifetime of happiness. If so, John Nader Photography in Houston is a consultation away. Call now (281) 334-1377 or e-mail John@NadersPhotography.com to find out if your wedding date is still available.

Houston Wedding Photographer at Shepard Hill Estates in Willis

Captured moments at Shepard Hill Estates.

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Military Couple Marries at Ashton Villa

Ashton Villa Wedding Photographer
Photographer in Galveston

Britni and Matthew’s Ashton Villa Wedding

Britni and Matthew took their wedding vows on July 26th, 2015 at Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas. While working in the Army together, the couple fell in love and Matthew popped ‘the question’ at the JRTC field event when he found out that Britni was deploying. Having been together since September 2012, it was not a difficult decision for Britni and the answer was an obvious ‘Yes!’

Vendors and services

The couple says that they had an absolutely fun wedding experience as everything fell into place quite smoothly. When asked if they would like to offer any wedding planning advice to couples, they strongly recommended seeking the services of a wedding planner if it was possible to afford one.

The bride got her breathtaking strapless wedding dress from the ‘Impressions’ boutique. It was very simple at the top with tiny folds in the material for decoration. A flashy belt was tied around the smallest portion of her waist and tied into a small bow in the back. The skirt went all the way down to the floor and had a medium length train. The couple hired the ‘Island Flowers’ to do the beautiful flower arrangement at their wedding venue.

Britni was very happy with their catering service done by Benno in Galveston, Texas. She said that the food was fantastic and everything looked great. The food was laid out buffet style with BBQ brisket, mac-n-cheese, Cajun seafood Alfredo, vegetables, and a fruit appetizer table.

Wedding photography

As far as the wedding photography is concerned, the couple believes that it is important to have enough time to plan the location of the shoot, the clothes, travel as well as some unique picture ideas. Britni says that it is a good idea to ensure that everybody, especially the bridesmaids are ready, well in time so that nobody is rushed for the pictures and everyone are included.

Britni and Matthew felt at ease working with their photographer. They were happy that he managed to work around their odd schedule and even when things were unplanned. The couple also got a lot of unexpected candid pictures when they didn’t even know they were being photographed. Also with wedding pictures, it is best to just have fun and not be too serious!

The couple got a wedding photography collection that included an engagement, bridal and wedding session.

Favorite wedding moments

Britni was very anxious and nervous about how Matt would react when he saw her. She says it is very difficult to shock or wow him, and that was her goal when planning everything for her D-day! She could not wait to watch his reaction when she arrived. This also turned out to be Britni’s favorite moment from the wedding- seeing Matt and everyone else’s reactions when they saw her for the first time. On the other hand, Matt loved their first dance as a couple to the song ‘All of Me’ by John Legend. Matthew could not stop smiling looking at his beautiful bride the entire night. This was truly a wedding out of a book!

Quick tips by the couple

  • Hire a wedding planner
  • Be prepared to go over budget
  • Ensure you leave some extra money in the account
  • Just have a lot of fun
wedding photographer in Galveston, Ashton Villa wedding memories

Ashton Villa wedding moments.

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Local Houston Photographer Earns Recertification

Houston Photographer
Certified Professional Photographer

Certified Professional Photographer


John Nader of Houston Maintains Excellence as a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP).

Houston, Texas (November 1, 2015) – John Nader, CPP of John Nader Photography in Houston reaffirmed his status as an elite photographer, once again earning the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation from Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

John Nader, who owns and operates John Nader Photography in League City, Texas, successfully completed the requirements required to keep his CPP designation.

Every three years, CPPs must show that they have maintained the mark of excellence that the CPP designation represents. John Nader earned this designation after meeting challenging requirements that measure his artistic and technical competence. Professional Photographers of America currently recognizes fewer than 2,500 CPPs.

“Just as doctors and other professionals seek certification in their industries, I wanted to show the public my qualifications to be the best photographer possible for them,” says John.

Professional Photographers of America is the leading body for certifying imaging professionals in the United States. CPPs must pass a written examination, submit a portfolio for review and adhere to a strict code of conduct that upholds their mark of excellence. Certification must be renewed every three years, ensuring continuing confidence in the professionalism of Certified Professional Photographers.

For more information on certification, visit PPA.com/CPP and to view samples of John Nader’s work and for booking information, visit www.NadersPhotography.com.

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